What’s the BIG Idea?

We are at an evolutionary time when each of us is being summoned to participate fully in our world. Currently, in our culture, there is a sense of being: Afraid, Exhausted, Isolated, Overwhelmed, and Underutilized. This feeling takes many forms, but the overall expression is “there must be something more to all this.”
There are three big questions we all can ask ourselves to begin learning more about our role in the world and how we can help:

Who am I?

What am I passionate about?

How does my passion impact my relationships: at home, at work, in the world?

The little barn of BIG Ideas is a place to find the resources along your journey for a meaningful life and to dive into your purpose. We are all connected through a universal energy and each of us carries an inner knowing–we call this our genius. As we develop in this controlling culture, we often start to lose touch with this connection and we need to re-member why we are here! Our pioneer circles are individuals from every background to dialogue about what brings us together, what inspires us, and what we each have to offer to find the solutions to our most important issues facing our world today. We are on the leading edge to mentor, network, and bring forth our BIG Ideas.

The days of business as usual are over. It is up to every one of us to find our purpose and bring our gifts to build our communities and solve the challenges we face. Through participation in our pioneer circles, we discover there’s more that unites us than divides us and experience the Civil Graces that bring it all together. While we welcome contributions to the program, we are working on getting sponsors so that people don’t have a participation fee to get in the way of being a part of the dialogue.

Our organization has a three-fold mission and vision to address: the celebration of the human spirit in the personal, community, and global outreach. This is a non-political, non-denominational group where we explore the profound questions and dialogue about how we can bring forth a better world. We hope you will look over our Events and join us soon!*

*For Updates on “Creating our Virtual Community” During the COVID 19 Quarantine, please click on events or visit here: https://littlebarnofbigideas.com/events/ We hope you will all join us for a weekly Zoom call and we will adjust schedules to do more as there is interest. Please be well and stay safe! Much love to you all!

There’s room for you at the table! Please share your info and ideas below!

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